It is important to choose the right psychologist to assist you to address your concerns and issues.  Psychologists have varying specialities, professional interests and years of experience. 


It makes sense to find someone who is well suited to your needs.  Furthermore, psychologists each have their own individual approaches and personality. It is important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable, share a sense of connection and who seems to understand you.  Often it takes a few sessions to know whether a psychologist is the ‘right fit’.

There is well established research suggesting that the foundation of successful therapy is the relationship between a psychologist and client.  However, the use of evidence-based therapy is also important.  Therapy is not just talking.  It is about helping people find ways to make change and create a life that is more fulfilling and rewarding.



Broulee Psychologists has two local clinical psychologists on the team with a high level of experience in working with children, adolescents and adults with a range of mental health presentations.  They provide face to face sessions in the Broulee office.



Director, Clinical Psychologist

B.Psych, M.Psych (Clin), M.Psych (Ed. & Dev.), MAPS, FCCLIN

Stacy Shepherd has been practicing psychology for over 15 years. She is endorsed as a Clinical Psychologist as well as an Educational and Developmental Psychologist. Stacy has extensive experience working across the lifespan.

Stacy has worked in a range of settings, including schools, hospitals, not-for-profit organisations and now in private practice.  She has a particular passion for supporting individuals who have experienced trauma to be able to move on with their lives rather than being haunted by past memories.  Stacy also provides a range of psychometric assessment for children, adolescents and adults.


Stacy completed a Bachelor of Psychology at the University of North Carolina in America before migrating to Australia to complete her Master of Educational and Developmental Psychology at Western Sydney University. Stacy has also completed a Master of Clinical Psychology at Charles Sturt University.



Senior Clinical Psychologist

Gemma has recently relocated to the south coast from Sydney. She has over 10 years experience working with children, adults and families in government and non government agencies.

Gemma grounds her work in attachment and trauma informed frameworks and incorporates various therapies depending on what fits for the client and their current reason for seeking help. Gemma really values the lived experience of the client and works hard to ensure every client feels heard and is able to express what is happening for them.

Gemma’s main passion is working with children/young people and their parents to change the current trajectory by relating differently to each other or learning new skills that help them reach the goal they desire.

Gemma is also an endorsed clinical supervisor and provides clinical supervision to psychologists and other allied health workers who are interested in fine tuning their skills in working with children and adolescents.



Clinical Psychologist Registrar

Chloe has recently relocated from Brisbane to provide support to the Broulee community. She is currently completing the registrar program in Clinical Psychology, and has experience working with a range of presentations in adults, adolescents and children.


Chloe incorporates various evidence-based therapies in her practice in order to provide a compassionate, warm and eclectic approach to treatment. She primarily works within a Cognitive Behavioural framework, and is trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


Her passion is working with adults, couples and adolescents to help navigate barriers, and to support them to lead emotionally fulfilling lives. She acknowledges it can take great courage to attend therapy, so is mindful to take a non-judgemental approach with clients that values equality, trust and transparency within the therapeutic relationship.



We also have three psychologists providing therapy offsite.  These psychologists are based interstate and provide therapy online via Telehealth.  This helps us to meet the growing demand for appointments despite having a shortage of local psychologists in our area.


Clinical Psychologist

Gabriela is passionate about working with her clients to overcome difficulties in life at any age, from childhood to the elderly. Gabriela has extensive experience working with a variety of presentations including: mood disorders, grief, adjustments to health issues, anxiety and trauma.  

Gabriela is trained in Gestalt Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapies. She also holds a Practice Certificate in Disaster Support. This training makes a great mix in the provision of client centred evidence-based treatment. Gabriela is also a qualified board approved supervisor and speaks fluent Portuguese.



Counselling Psychologist

Nonie has been working with people for over 15 years. She’s been a secondary school teacher and a school psychologist. She has been working in private practice for over 7 years. Those who enter her counselling space are greeted with warmth and curiosity, helping them to feel more at ease within themselves and ready to develop more confidence.

Her clients want to explore their possibilities, the things that they dream about, the talents that they’ve noticed, and those skills that they might dismiss. They want to improve their well-being and performance and boost their motivation to pursue goals. They want to draw on and harness their strengths and skills as they journey towards a more authentic and engaged life.

Her goal is for her clients is to achieve clarity, to find new or different perspectives, and alternative ways to think, behave and approach situations. The result of this collaborative work is often improved performance, a new perspective, changed behaviour and more effective coping and discoveries about client’s possibilities.

Nonie has experience in helping adults and adolescents with a variety of issues but has a particular interest in:

  • Performance and confidence in sport, performing arts, work and social areas

  • Anxiety, in a variety of areas, particularly performance anxiety

  • Self esteem and confidence

  • Motivation, problem-solving and goal-setting

  • Body image, insecurity issues and confidence

  • Study skills, organisation and time management


Provisional Psychologists

These are psychologists in training.  They have completed their university studies and now work for 1-2 years under the close supervision of Stacy Shepherd to provide the best possible care for their clients.  They come with life experience and an abundance of training.



Provisional Psychologist

Vicki is the newest member of the Broulee Psychology team.  She has previously worked as a primary school teacher and is in the final stages of her training to be a fully registered psychologist.

Vicki grew up in the local area and feels very connected to our community.  She enjoys working with children and adolescents and is passionate about using her knowledge as a teacher as well as her training in psychology to work with young people and their families.

Vicki is passionate about providing effective strategies for managing a range of presenting concerns as well as facilitating emotional regulation, building confidence and a strong sense of self.

We are very lucky to have Vicki join our team!

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Provisional Psychologist

Hugh has recently moved from Coffs Harbour to join our team in Broulee. He is currently completing the final stage of his Masters Degree in Psychology and is on his way to becoming a fully registered Psychologist. Hugh has previously worked as a Rehabilitation Consultant to assist adults return to work after being impacted by a mental health injury such as PTSD, Anxiety and other psychological issues.


Hugh is interested in supporting adolescents and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression and relationship issues with the overall goal of improving their general wellbeing and daily living. Hugh is passionate about working collaboratively with clients to develop effective strategies to support them in improving their mental health and relationships with others.


Broulee Psychology’s administrative team are the backbone of our practice.  They answer the phone, greet our clients and make sure your experience with our team is as stress free and easy as possible.  They keep the wheels running so that the clinicians can support more of our community.


Senior Receptionist / Administrative Assistant

Danielle joined Broulee Psychology in 2019 as our administrative assistant.  She is the friendly face behind the reception desk and the voice answering many of the phone calls coming through the practice.

Danielle is passionate about making sure that clients coming through the practice are comfortable and well looked after. 


She has extensive experience in working in customer service roles in the past and has a keen interest in psychology.

FUN FACT – Danielle is actually studying psychology with the hopes of working as a psychologist in the future.



Administrative Assistant

Sarah has worked extensively in administration and accounts. She has recently re-joined our team. Sarah is kind, compassionate and her smile lights up the room.

Sarah has a passion for Psychology and has recently enrolled herself into a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences.


FUN FACT – Sarah is a busy Mum to five boys!



Administrative Assistant

Madison joins Broulee Psychology to help support the administrative team.  Madison has extensive experience in customer service and administration.  She provides and warm and friendly welcome to clients while ensuring that their time at our service is as smooth as possible.

Madison is also very interested in psychology and is studying to become a clinical psychologist.

FUN FACT - Madison is an avid dog lover!  




Broulee Psychology now has three therapy dogs working with clinicians and clients at the practice.  Our therapy dogs are certified and highly trained dogs that provide support and comfort for clients coming to our practice.  



Certified Therapy Dog

Bella is an 18 month old golden retriever.  She was purchased as a family pet but also to be trained as a therapy dog for Broulee Psychology.  She was specifically chosen for her calm temperament to provide support to clients.

Bella has now completed her six-day intensive training with Lead the Way Institute in Victoria.  She passed her final assessment and is now a certified therapy dog.  Bella will be undertaking advanced level training in 2020 – watch this space.

Bella will be working with Stacy at Broulee Psychology on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  If you are in the clinic on those days, you may see her in the waiting room as she loves greeting clients as you come through the door.

It is important to make sure that Bella is not being overworked so there is no guarantee that Bella will be at the clinic but so far she is loving her interactions with clients.

When Bella is not working, she enjoys running around and wrestling with other dogs at the beach. 


She also loves playing with our other dog, Bronte and cuddling up on the couch in the evenings.



Certified Therapy Dog

Oscar is a two and a half year old, tri-coloured border collie. He has trained with Therapy Dogs Australia as a certified therapy dog at Broulee Psychology. He is also a much-loved family pet with a beautiful temperament and gentle nature.


Oscar will be working with Vicki at Broulee Psychology on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Oscar is loving spending time in the practice and greeting all the clients that come through the door.


Oscar’s favourite things are running along the beach, playing wrestles and tug-of-war with his brother, and snuggling up with the kids on the lounge.