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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Online Psychological Therapy

What is online psychological therapy?

Online psychological therapy is psychological therapy provided via videoconference.

This means that the psychologist and the client can see each other online via their laptops or smartphones during the session.

Alternatively, psychological therapy sessions may be conducted over the telephone if you prefer.

What is a telehealth session?

Telehealth simply means health services provided online or via telephone. Telehealth sessions are the same as online psychological therapy sessions.

How do I access my online psychological therapy session?

Online sessions are easy to access. All you will need a device with a microphone, camera and an internet connection. Prior to your appointment, your psychologist will send you a unique link to the online therapy session. All you need to do is click on the link at the time of your appointment and you will see your psychologist on the screen in front of you.

Are online psychological therapy sessions safe and secure?

All psychological therapy sessions, whether conducted online or face to face, are confidential between you and your psychologist.

At Broulee Psychology, we use secure video conferencing software that meets the strict requirements set out in the Australian Privacy Principles.

How much is online therapy and can I claim a rebate from Medicare?

Our standard sessions fees apply to online psychological therapy.

Medicare and private health fund rebates are available for online psychological therapy sessions.

Will an online session be different from a face to face sessions?

If you are used to seeing your psychologist face to face sessions in the clinic, then online therapy sessions will feel a little different in the beginning. But don’t worry, you will soon adapt to the new format.

Some clients now report preferring online therapy sessions over face to face sessions.

Is online therapy effective?

Research has consistently found that online therapy can be equally as effective as face to face counselling, particularly when focusing on short-term goals and reducing symptom severity.

In fact, some studies have shown that online therapy can be more effective than face to face therapy, especially when it involves the use of cognitive-behavioural strategies in certain circumstances.

Can I wear my pyjamas?

We recommend you wear something comfortable and appropriate for an online therapy session. This may be your pyjamas or even your favourite onesie! We will be in the clinic so it will be normal work attire for us.