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Closeness and connection is a primary need for humans, similar to oxygen or water, so it’s not surprising that our intimate relationships have been found to play a hugely significant role in our lives and our wellbeing. Research tells us that having safe, secure and loving bonds with our significant other leaves us feeling empowered, confident and can have an overall positive impact on both our mental and physical health.


Unfortunately, when we feel unloved, uncared for or unheard in our relationships we can experience something called ‘primal panic’. We might attempt to get our needs for connection and emotional safety met in ways that are usually maladaptive and are rarely conscious, resulting in us having very little control over them. Most couples experiencing primal panic may be caught in negative cycles leading to a lot of conflict and ultimately both emotional and physical disconnection.



At Broulee Psychology, your couples therapist can work to reverse some of these negative cycles, in order to help you and your partner to re-connect. We can also provide support with break-ups and separation, or alternatively can offer support for couples who may not be in crisis at all; those looking for a deeper or different type of connection, or those who need help to cope with everyday stressors and communication issues.


Couples therapy at Broulee Psychology draws from an attachment-based framework, and utilises an evidenced-based approach specific for couples, called Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples. We also incorporate techniques from another modality developed for couples, called the Gottman Method, where appropriate.



Broulee Psychology provides psychological support for couples on the far south coast of NSW and beyond. We are also proud to provide online psychology services for couples seeking therapy.


To find out more about joining us for couples therapy, we welcome you to view our appointment process or make a booking today.

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