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Broulee Psychology provides autism assessments for all ages, including children, adolescents and adults.  An autism assessment may be recommended for individuals who have difficulties with social communication and social skills.  This may include having difficulties initiating and maintaining conversations, maintaining friendships and understanding social cues.  Individuals with autism can also present with narrow and intense interests, sensory sensitivity and difficulty coping with changes.  These concerns are often present from an early age but may be masked in adolescence and adulthood.


To find out more information, give our team a call on 02 4445 2015 or send an email through to to find out if an autism assessment would be beneficial for you or your children / adolescent. 

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An autism assessment at Broulee Psychology is a comprehensive process.  This is to ensure that we are confident prior to making any diagnosis.  The assessment process includes many steps, including:


  • An initial intake conversation with our administrative team

  • Once your assessment is booked, questionnaires are provided.  These are completed by the individual or parents for child assessment.  It may also include teachers or other family members completing questionnaires.

  • Assessments are completed over 3-4 sessions

  • The first session usually involves a comprehensive initial history.  For children and younger adolescents, this involves the parents attending a session without the young person.

  • The next session involves a formal autism assessment and this may includes a cognitive assessment as well as an observational session using the ADOS-2 or the MIGDAS.

  • The final session is the feedback session, in which the individual (or a parent when the assessment is completed with a young person) is provided with the results of their assessment.  This will include personalised recommendations following the results of the assessment.

  • Following the feedback session, a comprehensive report is provided that includes the information collected during assessment, the outcome of the assessment and the personalised recommendations.


Autism assessments are quoted on an individualised basis depending upon the number of sessions required and the complexity of the situation.  Assessments generally involve 3-4 sessions as well as clinician time outside of the session to score questionnaires and assessment tools and write up the assessment report.  This generally involves 10-15 hours total time from the psychologist providing assessment.  The cost of assessment ranges from $2500 - $3000 for this reason.  This cost can be broken up into payments per sessions or paid in full following the initial session.  



Broulee Psychology provides autism assessments for children, adolescents and adults on the far south coast of NSW and beyond. 


To book an autism assessment, please call Broulee Psychology on 02 4445 2015 or send us an email on

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